The day has come: CommitStrip finally has its very own online shop!

No strip for today. We’re opening the CommitStrip online shop!

It all began in October 2013, when we had this crazy idea: we should publish a book with the blog’s best strips. But would coders be interested in such an item? Would the most digital guys in the world buy a book made of actual paper? We weren’t so sure to be honest. So what better solution than putting the question out there? We launched the crowdfunding campain, and litterally blitzed through our initial goal in just under two hours. A month later, the funding had risen to nearly €20.000 thanks to you guys! Enough to finance a few projects, like bringing the book to life, manufacturing a few goodies and planning an awesome launch party for the book in Paris!

Now that we’ve shipped an estimated 1.000 parcels, managed to keep things under control, now that we know everything about postal fees, the time has come to open the CommitStrip Shop. You can call it the CommitShop for short 🙂
The primary goal here is to keep the CommitStrip coder spirit alive, while giving you the opportunity to purchase quality items at reasonnable prices. Perfect for your home or office 😉
Of course this will also allow us to inject a bit of money in CommitStrip’s development, because we’re never out of fresh ideas! Especially for our english readers : we’re working on the book in english, and also prepareping posters in english. But you can already order mugs and teeshirsts 😉

Now we’re all coders here, so here’s the technical stuff: this shop runs on PrestaShop 1.6, with nearly no customization, just a nice choice of settings! And it rocks, to be honest! So there shouldn’t be anything bad happening. The skin is even fully responsive! We’re the mobile-first kind of guys, you know. Anyway, if you happened to have any suggestions or if you run across any problems, please do leave us a small comment or email at
In any case, trust us, we’ll do anything we can to make sure you get your orders delivered as quickly as possible!

So what are you waiting for? The CommitShop is waiting!

Go to the CommitShop

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