First animated CommitStrip – It’s ISO?

Hi everybody!
As you may know, CommitStrip participated to the DockerCon2015 in San Francisco this week and we come back with a surprise! For this conference and in partnership with a california animation studio, we animated CommitStrip and created the first episode of a potential CommitStrip Animated Serie!

Here is what we can call a pilot episode : “It’s ISO?”

And discover all the animations especially created for DockerCon, relating the Docker history in CommitStrip world. It has been shown in front of 2,000 attendees for the opening of the conference B-)

We hope you liked these animations! Doing animation and doing webcomic is very different, animation requires a lot more work, so it’s not for now we will release an entire season, but this is a first experience and if you like it, we could develop it in the future!

Let’s see you on Monday! Have a good week-end!

CommitStrip Team

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What does it look like?

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