What is CommitStrip? When developers meet an illustrator, it gives a blog of drawings, anecdotes and news seen by the coders! Developers love reading some things like this between two lines of code :) ! We’ll speak about the daily life of a coder in a web agency, our teammates, the clients, some cats and some news.

Who is CommitStrip? It is us, coders, from Europe and Asia, who work mainly in web agencies. We get a lot of stories since few years of coding and we wanted to share it with everyone! We do PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and even new and cool stuff like NodeJS and HTML5/CSS3. We play also a lot with videos, images, and even some AS3. Sometimes Java and mobile techs. And Ruby, that’s cool too. The geek illustrator who has not his pen in his pocket is Etienne Issartial. Stories and texts are from Thomas Gx.

You can use our strips for any non-commercial usage. You can use them to illustrate an article or a blog post, as long as it’s not just a duplicated content. In all cases, a back link and a mention is required.

CommitStrip and me Want to share some ideas and cool stuffs ? You rock :) Let’s speak at helloworld@CommitStrip.com